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Starting A Coffee Company From Scratch

All journeys have a beginning and this is mine. By getting my journey and thoughts in writing and making it accessible to the public, I'd like to invite anyone that is interested in coffee to follow my journey.

I am a father of four little boys and have been happily married for 9 years. My journey with coffee is rooted with needing caffeine during those long hours at work. I started drinking coffee in 2008 during my first deployment with the Army. Some of my days lasted 18 hours or more and coffee was always brewing. My plan is to retire from the Army and commit myself to providing great coffee to everyone that enjoys it as much as I do.

Where to start

I've always wanted to start a business but like most people, I had no idea where to begin. My beginning actually started in 2017. I found myself thinking about what I wanted to do when I eventually get out of the Army. Having that thought always on my mind, ideas began to flow. Some ideas were terrible and some were just alright, and one day I had a thought that was like an explosion. I knew it was it, I knew what I wanted to spend my time on. Coffee. The life blood that gets my day going every single day.

The Start Up

Starting a business is the easy part, becoming knowledgeable and finding a product that you love is the hard part. For me, my coffee matters. That’s where it becomes tough for me as a business owner. When getting started in roasting it's important that not only am I diversifying my profiles but also creating great blends that other people will like. You don’t know what customers will like until you put yourself out there. Although I haven’t been roasting for years, I do have the passion and dedication to provide premium coffee at the best prices.

Experiences are what make life great, thank you for being a part of this experience. Enjoy the perfect cup.

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